Radar Sensor LED Lamp



This lamp works in the same way as the traditional motion detectors. During the day the light is off, during the night the light goes on when movement is detected. The lamp powers off automatically when there is no movement. The operation of this lamp is based on microwaves instead of infrared like the traditional PIR sensors. This gives it an advantage of being more sensitive to motion and the ability to be installed inside a close lamp fixture.

Indented use

  • This lamp is ideal for staircases, corridors and building entrance
  • This lamp is NOT ideal for indoor use

Radar Sensor Lamp


Infrared Sensors (PIR)

Price    10€  20€
Installation cost     0€
(simple lamp change)
(Installation from a certified electrician)
Maintenance cost      Low. If a lamp fails you just change it    The traditional PIR sensors need an electrician to change them
Reliability      High reliability due to Solid State Relay    Low reliability due to mechanical parts (relay)
Noise      This lamp is completely silent    The traditional PIR make a click whenever they turn on or off (relay)
Movement detection        Very sensitive, the lamp is lid before we enter the room    Poor movement detection
Time update      This lamp automatically updates the turn on time. As long as there is movement the light stays on    The traditional sensors count down and switch off even if there is still motion.
Design      The microwaves penetrate though lamp fixtures. There are is no need for an external visible sensor    The sensor is  always to be visible


Power 7W Detection distance 8m
Voltage/Frequency 60-265V AC / 50 ΗΖ Time delay 25s
Luminosity 550 lm Dimensions Diameter: 70mm

Height: 120mm

Color 4000Κ (Day Light) Standby power <0.1W


Made in China under the specifications and supervision of our company
Warranty: 2 years